Greenwyche Club Social Rules 2004


    1. Only Greenwyche Club adult members in good standing may reserve a date for a social event at the pool.
    2. All social events are scheduled by the Social Committee Chairperson and request forms should be received at least one week in advance.  Forms are available at the pool office but the staff CANNOT schedule your event.  Forms are also available at the home of the Social Chairperson.
    3. Exclusive use of the facilities is prohibited.
    4. Glass containers, tobacco products, and alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
    5. The host member is fully responsible for the guests’ actions and behavior and must be present for the entire time.
    6. The host member is responsible for cleaning up the party area and other areas used.  A $20 fee will be incurred if this is not done.  The member will be billed after determination is made.
    7. Parties may last no longer than 2 hours.
    8. The base fee for a party is $50.  This covers 2 hours of exclusive use of the Shade Structure and guards for 20 guests, 10 of whom may be non-members.  .
    9. Guest fees are $2 per non-member (over the 10 included in the base fee) and must be paid by the host at the end of the party.
    10. An additional guard must be hired if more than 20 will be in total attendance and thereafter in increments of 10 at a rate of  $10 an hour per guard.  The guards are hired before the party based on the number the host member states will be attending; therefore this fee must be paid in advance.
    11. To reserve your party date, send the signed form, along with the $50 fee, plus any guard fees, to the Social Chairperson.  When received, your event will be put on the calendar at the pool.  (Do NOT leave your form and check in the office at the pool.)  
    12. All Greenwyche Pool rules must be obeyed by all members and guests attending the event.


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